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Carolina & Ron — Minted




Wedding Party


Maid of Honor

Jazmin is Carolina's oldest daughter and her best friend. They can spend countless hours on the phone together and share the same sick humor. She is a great mom to Vanessa and Donovan and newly engaged to Dan. Jazmin has her degree in nursing and continues to take classes to take her degree to the next level. She also helps Dan run his Greek restaurants. She is a superwoman and lights up any room she walks into.



Ali is Ron's middle daughter and beautiful inside and out, to know her is to love her. She is a fantastic mom to Roman and Alina and married to John. Ali and Carolina have bonded over motherhood throughout the years and are very close. Ali and John own a welding company and live in Pennsylvania, shhhh don’t tell anyone we would do anything to move them to Florida.



Danielle is one of Carolina’s closest friends and the girlfriend she was out with when Ron and Carolina first met. Danielle and Carolina were next door neighbors and worked together at the resort Danielle currently manages. They share the same obsession over their Jeeps, and they not only like to drive them off road, but they also love to work on them too.



Jessie is one of Carolina’s closest friends, they have known each other for 22 years so if you’re looking for dirt, she’s got some but she won’t give it to you. Jessie and Carolina met at a tire company while Carolina was temping there and they instantly bonded. Jessie has been in the cruising industry for 20 years.



Madi is Carolina’s middle child and one of the coolest human beings you’ll ever meet. Madi is artistic, has the best style and is a Junior in high school with hopes of going to college in New York or Colorado, which Carolina is devastated about, nobody say anything, we are acting supportive about it. So, if we end up having a second home somewhere it’ll be because we followed Madi.


Flower girl

Vanessa is Jazmin’s daughter and Carolina’s first grandbaby. She is sweet and sassy, not sure where she could have gotten that from and to top it off she’s adorable.


flower girl

Alina is Ali and John’s daughter and Roman's sister. She shares a birthday with Ron, so you know he is smitten with this little doll baby. I mean look at that smile!


Best Man

Ronnie is Ron’s only and favorite son. He is successful in anything he puts his mind and effort to. He is fun, charismatic and if you are around him you are sure to be entertained and laughing till it hurts. 



John is Ron’s favorite son in law and love of Ali’s life. They met when they were kids and found each other again and started a beautiful life together. John is an amazing father to Roman and Alina and a great husband to Ali. He started and has built a successful welding and metal services business in Pennsylvania and all we can hope for is that there is a market for that here in Florida so they will move already.



Dan is Jazmin’s fiancé and has stepped into the dad role for Vanessa and Donovan without hesitation. Dan and Jazmin crossed paths years ago when she worked at a surf shop next to the subway he owned. He didn’t forget her, and they found each other again and we are thrilled he is now family. Dan owns Greek restaurants and is successful in the NFT market and you'll have to ask him about that otherwise it’ll get butchered.



Gavin is Carolina’s youngest and favorite son and man does he know it. All he has to do is give her a hug and she’s off to the kitchen to make him pancakes from scratch. He is a freshman in high school and thank God it’s too soon to plan for college. He is a gamer but hopes to be an engineer in the future, hopefully later in the future as far as Carolina is concerned.


Ring Bearer

Roman is Ali and John’s son and Alina’s brother. He is a thinker, a great storyteller and a looker too! The genes are strong in this family, Ron definitely thinks Roman takes after him.


Ring Bearer

Donovan is Jazmin’s son and Vanessa’s brother. He is so much fun and is as sweet as can be. Another looker, go figure, he has the bluest eyes, and he adores Ron, as soon as he hears his voice, he runs to him.


We miss you and love you

Sammy is Ron’s oldest daughter. She is Ali and Ronnie's sister. As most of you are aware, Sammy passed away 2 years ago. We wanted to include her here because we wanted to honor her memory. We know she will be with us in spirit. We miss her and love her every day.