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Carolina & Ron — Minted




About Us

Our Story

It was a casual Tuesday a few years back at a restaurant called “Sailors Return” in Stuart, FL. She was there with a girlfriend having dinner and drinks and he was there with a guy friend listening to live music.

I was talking to my girlfriend when I hear this super raspy loud voice from across the room, our eyes met and I turned my chair towards him to see what all the commotion was about, because if you know Ron, you know sometimes he’s causing a commotion with that voice. He had my attention. He came over to me to compliment my glasses and he was a little tongue tied and didn’t know what to say, a rare occurrence for him. We talked for hours and for a while it seemed like it was just the two of us in this packed restaurant. We were connected. We knew this meeting was no accident.

I was captured immediately by her eyes, so much so in fact I was speechless. But as we talked that night and grew together over time, I knew she was the one. The girl of my dreams and the woman to challenge and complete me.

We took our time growing our love story knowing how important joining our families together was for the both of us. A year ago with my parents blessing Ron proposed and we got engaged. We moved into a rental together with my teenaged loves while in the process of building our dream home, which we finally moved into this past August! Oh and we have 2 amazing additions to our family unit, Frankie and Benji, our spoiled Pomeranians.